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Leadership in
Teaching Excellence

AICTE’s Leadership in Teaching Excellence (LITE) is a national programme to select and equip 50 colleges and 50 schools with leadership in teaching excellence.

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In partnership with Pupilfirst

Pupilfirst is an open-source technology organisation with a mission to transform classroom education into a learner-centred model.

Pupilfirst is the technology partner of AICTE for the Leadership in Teaching Excellence Programme that aims to train 100,000 faculty and 2.4 Crore students in emerging technologies using learner-centered pedagogy.

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Prof MP Poonia, Vice Chairman, All India Council for Technical Education.

Letter to Vice Chancellors and Head of Institutions from
Hon: Vice Chairman, AICTE

“We intend to upgrade selected institutions as AICTE Brand Ambassadors of Change and highlight selected institutions, its leadership, faculty and students as change agents who are implementing proven online teaching-learning methods that are aligned with NEP 2020”

Prof MP Poonia,

Vice Chairman,

All India Council for Technical Education.

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Everything you
need to know

What is this program?

AICTE and Industry led specialised leadership training for teachers from computer science and allied departments, to teach a minor degree programme in Web Development and skill their students using learner centered pedagogy, competency based curriculum and continuous assessments and professional development of faculty.


To equip academic institutions with teaching excellence in software industry standards and become an aspirational benchmark for other academic institutions across the country.

Who is this for?

Universities and AICTE affiliated Institutions with visionary heads of institutions and committed faculty from computer science and allied departments who can create transformational changes as envisioned by NEP 2020.


Selected institutions shall sign MoUs and start faculty training under AICTE guidance from August 23 2021.

Effort by Higher Educational Institutions

Approving 20 credit “Minor in Advanced Web Development” program into academic curriculum for Academic Year 2021-22 onwards.

Effort by Faculty

30 hours of highly enjoyable study spread across 45 days followed by continuous learning of 30 hours through the next semester.


Self-paced learning with personalised feedback from industry coaches.


Teachers shall see diagnostic and formative assessments happen to them exactly the same way they would be assessing the students in future.

Certificate for Faculty

Yes. Upon successful completion of training, both institutions and teachers shall receive joint certification from AICTE and Industry.

Complete Support for Course Delivery to students

Faculty shall receive end to end support for integrating the course including conducting student awareness sessions, student selection process, student onboarding, course delivery, continuous assessments, final evaluation and graduation support for internships or entrepreneurship.

National Recognition for Institutions

Selected institutions whose trained faculty integrate the minor programme for its students shall be recognised by AICTE as Institutions with Leadership in Teaching Excellence.

Cost for Students and Faculty?

AICTE approved fees for students.

Full Scholarship for Faculty.

3 Step Selection Process

Institutes who apply are shortlisted

Step 1

Institutes who apply are shortlisted


Shortlisted Institutes get link to nominate upto 5 faculties

Step 2

Shortlisted Institutes get link to nominate upto 5 faculties


AICTE announces the list of selected Institutes and its faculty members

Step 3

AICTE announces the list of selected Institutes and its faculty members.


Important: Shortlisting of applications shall be on a rolling basis. Institutions that meet the selection criteria on a first come first serve basis shall immediately receive the url link for nominating their faculty members.

Gain Teaching Excellence

Selected Institutions and faculty shall gain leadership in teaching excellence on four key NEP 2020 goals.



Enabling a learner centered model of teaching-learning.


Delivering competency based curriculums for highly paid global tech skills.


Transformation of assessments from summative to formative (continuous).


Identifying gifted school students to gain direct admission to Universities.

Advanced Industry Curriculum Approved by AICTE

AICTE expert committee has approved the curriculum created jointly by Pupilfirst and Freshworks that enables institutions to offer advanced web development courses using typed functional programming.

Most modern programming languages widely used in the industry are converging towards this paradigm by adopting its features like types, discriminated unions, and immutable programming.

In our knowledge, courses on functional programming are currently taught in India at IIT-Madras, IIT-Bombay, IIT-Kanpur and IIT-Mandi.

Beginner to advanced courses

This programme is designed with 3 courses such that selected institutions can offer a 20 credit “Minor Degree in Advanced Web Development” through their trained faculty to students.

WD 101

Beginner - Getting started with Javascript (WD 101).

WD 201

Intermediate - Server-side programming with Ruby on Rails.

WD 301

Advanced - Typed Functional programming with ReScript.

More advanced courses would be added to give a broader choice of specialisations.

Training by Industry Experts

The training programme shall be hosted online on the Pupilfirst LMS, and delivered by Hari Gopal and Prashant Reddy Koteru.

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Hari Gopal

Chief Technology Officer, Pupilfirst

Course Author & Coach
Hari is a full-stack web developer with 12 years of experience. He's the CTO at Pupilfirst and leads development of the Pupilfirst LMS, an open-source project that blends a traditional stack (RoR) with the latest and greatest tech (ReScript).
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Prashanth Reddy Koteru

Coach-Web Development, Pupilfirst

Course Coach
Prashanth is a full-stack web developer and product engineer with five years of experience. He's an active evangelist in the Indian developer community.
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Vinil Bhandari

Director of Engineering, NYSE

Industry Mentor
Vinil is Director of Engineering at New York Stock Exchange with in-depth expertise in building highly scalable software along with diverse & inclusive teams.

Vinil has been invited by the AICTE leadership team to share cutting knowledge to faculty for enabling them to orient students to become part of high performance engineering teams.


May 26, 2021

- Applications Open

June 15, 2021

- Deadline for Institution registrations and Faculty applications.

August 02, 2021

-Announcement of Selected Institutions and Faculty members.

August 02-13, 2021*

- Institutions to send back signed MOUs.

August 23, 2021

- Online Training of Faculty begins.

Skills for students that enable Global Employment

Students who have graduated from the minor degree track shall possess skills that are at the cutting edge of the modern software industry. As Covid 19 accelerates digital transformation and re-imagines remote work, your students shall now have skills and pathways for global employment opportunities as well.

Recognition for Faculty as Leaders with Teaching Excellence

AICTE aims to scale this knowledge to 24 Million children over the next few years starting with schools. This process shall involve training of 100,000 teachers in modern web development and programming paradigms. Successful faculty from LITE shall be leaders who lead this change with AICTE.

Your Institution as AICTE’s Brand Ambassador of Change

To prepare the next generation of indian students to bring advanced levels of skills to the industry, we have to bring our academic curriculum and teacher training from playing catchup to industry to be in the front-lines of fundamental improvements in computing.

AICTE is looking to directly work with visionary institutions that also share the goal to create a paradigm shift in classroom teaching-learning methodologies using educational technology, deploy advanced curriculums and create high quality learning outcomes for students.

Heads of institutions who want to share this vision of AICTE are invited to apply for the leadership in teaching excellence (LITE) program and shortlisted institutes shall be informed of faculty application and next steps by email. Applications would be processed on a rolling basis as outlined in the three step selection process.


Email Col. B. Venkat, Director, Faculty Development Cell (AICTE) atdirector.fdc@aicte-india.org

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