Notice: Applications for LITE B01Y23 are closed, and LITE B02Y23 Applications are now open for July 2023 implementation.

Please note that B02Y23 institutions who complete the approval process by Jan 24, 2023, shall be upgraded to B01Y23 institutions.

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All India Council for Technical Education.

Leadership in
Teaching Excellence

AICTE's Leadership In Teaching Excellence (LITE) is a transformational program to pioneer and implement the goals of National Educational Policy 2020 such as learner-centered pedagogy, competency-based curriculums, continuous and personalized assessments thus enabling 100,000 faculty to skill 2.4 Crore students in emerging industry technologies, beginning with Advanced Web Development.

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Faculty Members Applied


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LITE MoU Received

Watch the Video of how faculty members can transform their classrooms from NEP 1986 to NEP 2020 Learner-Centered Classrooms.

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Prof MP Poonia, Vice Chairman, All India Council for Technical Education.

Letter to Vice Chancellors and Head of Institutions from
Hon: Vice Chairman, AICTE

“We intend to upgrade selected institutions as AICTE Brand Ambassadors of Change and highlight selected institutions, its leadership, faculty members and students as change agents who are implementing proven online teaching-learning methods that are aligned with NEP 2020”

Prof MP Poonia,

Vice Chairman,

All India Council for Technical Education.

Prof MP Poonia, Vice Chairman, All India Council for Technical Education.

“AICTE LITE creates an exciting opportunity for institutions and faculty members to bring an integrated research environment into their classrooms and provide inputs to the National Educational Technology Forum (NETF) that has been established under NEP 2020 to showcase the best practices in digital teaching-learning pedagogies.”

Dr. Mamta Rani Agarwal,

Advisor - I,

All India Council for Technical Education.

Read the full letter

Program Highlights for
Faculty Members

NEP 2020 Model Curriculum

AICTE has published NEP 2020 Model Curriculum in Advanced Web Development for institutions and faculty members featuring learner-centred pedagogy, competency-based curriculums and continuous assessments.

Dynamic Updates by Industry

NEP 2020 Model Curriculums are maintained by practicing industry engineers enabling faculty members and students to learn the most up-to-date knowledge.

Teaching Assistants

Get support from student teaching assistants (TAs) who have completed the curriculum to enable you to answer all queries/doubts of your learners via the learning community.

Career Progression

The LITE FDPs are conducted with AICTE Training and Learning (ATAL) Academy, ensuring that this training counts towards your career progression.

NEP 2020 Certificate

Faculty members who complete training and whose Institute has completed the signing the MoU, thereby initiating the integration process shall be certified as AICTE LITE Brand Ambassador of ChangeA copy of the previous LITE certificate is below as a sample.

Sample certificate issued by LITE

Learner Centered
Classroom Framework

AICTE LITE enables all stakeholders including universities, institutions, faculty, industry and researchers to work collaboratively to build NEP 2020 learner-centered classrooms.

Watch video to see the processes that are executed by each stakeholder to transform classrooms from NEP 1986 to NEP 2020.

Deep Research Integration

Faculty and Institutions who qualify shall become part of the Learning Engineering, Analytics & Research Network (LEARN); a key component of the LITE programme. The research team's goal is to constantly listen to institutions and faculty to suggest improvements to policymakers so that the learner-centred classroom framework is dynamically improving every day.

Dr. Leena Chandran Wadia

Dr. Leena Chandran Wadia

Member NEP 2019 Drafting Committee

Leena received her PhD in Physics from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, and did her post-doctoral work in high-performance computing at ETH Zurich. She has both academia and industry experience having worked at CDAC, TIFR, IIT Bombay, and Netcore Cloud, in India. As of 2010, she has been working in the area of policy research and advocacy, mainly in the area of education. She was a member of the drafting committee of the draft National Education Policy 2019 prepared by the Dr Kasturirangan committee. At present, she serves as Professor and Head of the Vocational Education Cell at The University of Trans-disciplinary Health Sciences and Technology (TDU).

Dr. Viraj Kumar

Dr. Viraj Kumar

Technical Secreteriat to National Curriculum Framework

Viraj completed his MS and PhD in Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2007. His primary research interests are in Computer Science Education and Educational Technology. He serves as an elected member of the ACM India Council, and as a member of the Technical Secretariat to the National Curriculum Framework Steering Committee. He previously served as a consultant to the Kasturirangan Committee to draft the National Education Policy (NEP 2020).

Aparna Sivakumar

Aparna Sivakumar


Aparna has a B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering from College of Engineering, Trivandrum. She has worked in technology, education policy and advocacy, and community organising. With over 21 years of experience, she has worked at Infosys, Observer Research Foundation and at leading roles in Netcore Cloud & Free A Billion.

Leadership Testimonial

Photo ofProf Anil D Sahasrabudhe,
The Leadership in Teaching Excellence (LITE) is one of the finest leadership development programmes I have ever witnessed.We have nearly 5 Lakh faculty members who are teaching under the Council but the real question is how many are teaching with excellence. We are starting with a small group but over the next few years, this programme would expand to tens of thousands of faculty members under the Council.

Prof Anil D Sahasrabudhe,

National Educational Technology Forum (NETF)

Five Steps to be a LITE Institution


Faculty Member Joins LITE FDP by ATAL Academy


Faculty Member Facilitates LITE MOU signoff with Industry

Receive MoU Template for your institution to join AICTE LITE Programme. Once you have signed the MoU share it with us at


To Assist in getting Institute and University Approval

Submit AICTE Model Curriculum along with your LITE Training letter to the University and get the required approvals.


Institution Publishes Academic Timetable

Complete Institute Approvals for integrating the course in the academic calendar.


Admit Learners to NEP 2020 Model curriculums from January 2023

You shall receive the Admission Guide that will be shared with students to start admissions for the NEP 2020 model curriculums.

Admissions Guide (To be published)

Approval Process Experience

Watch the experience of Chaitanya Bharati Institute of Technologyon how they secured approvals from Osmania University, enabling faculty to launch NEP 2020 Classrooms.

Join LITE VCs and
Heads of Institutions

8 Vice Chancellors and 12 Heads of Institutions are leading LITE NEP 2020 Classroom implementation.

Map showing vc's and heads of institutions

Click on the image to zoom-in

Become a Faculty Member with
Leadership In Teaching Excellence.

21 faculty members secured all approvals from Universities and Institutions to launch LITE NEP 2020 classrooms as pioneers.

Map showing vc's and heads of institutions

Click on the image to zoom-in

Hear the experience from LITE University, Institutions and Faculty

Watch a short video where 10 faculty members from LITE Institutions narrate their experience in implementing AICTE NEP 2020 Model Curriculum.

Highlights of ATAL FDP
in Advanced Web Development

Bridge your skill gap with Industry

Upgrade your knowledge for preparing students for the 10Cr job opportunities in the Web Development industry

Dynamic Curriculum by Industry Experts

Confidently, learn how to become a full-stack developer by learning from a curriculum designed and maintained by practising software engineering professionals.
Vignesh Rajendran

Vignesh Rajendran

Principal Engineer, Oracle

Vignesh is a seasoned UI Technology Evangelist with around 10 years of experience building and developing amazing User Experiences across various platforms and domains. He works with Oracle as a Principal Engineer solving UI engineering use cases for their Cloud and Cloud-native products. The stack he works on covers everything UI, although now he mainly codes on Javascript and Typescript. In leisure, he writes a lot and read a lot more.

Melson J Zacharias

Melson J Zacharias

CTO, Perleybrook Labs LLC

Melson is CTO at Perleybrook Labs LLC, where he primarily works with C++, Python, and Typescript. In his spare time, he would be reading a book or can be seen answering questions in StackOverflow.

Avishek Jana

Avishek Jana

Co-Founder   Principal Engineer, GEOGO Techsolutions Pvt. Ltd

Avishek is an Engineer, a full-stack developer and an open-source contributor. Currently, he is working at GEOGO Techsolutions as Principal Engineer. He started his professional career in 2013 and worked on technologies like: Ruby on Rails, NodeJS, ReactJS, TypeScript etc. Apart from work, he loves to mentor and train fresh graduates to enhance their skills as per industry demands. Teaching is his way to contribute back to the society.

Hari Gopal

Hari Gopal

Chief Technology Officer, Pupilfirst

Hari is a full-stack software engineer with 12 years of experience and leads the development of Pupilfirst LMS, one of the largest open-source projects that uses the ReScript programming language.

Beginner to advanced courses

This programme is designed with 4 courses such that selected institutions can offer a 18-20 credit Minor Degree in Advanced Web Development through their trained faculty members to students.

WD 101

Beginner - Getting Started with Javascript

WD 201

Intermediate - Server-side programming with Node.js

WD 301

Advanced - Front-end development with React & Typescript

WD 401

Industry - Getting ready for production deployment.

More advanced courses would be added to give a broader choice of specialisations.

Easy to Get Started

WD 101 is a beginner-level and easy one-credit course of 15 hours, which can be learned at your own pace. On average, faculty members have completed WD 101 in 14 days.

Coaches and teaching assistants shall support you in clearing any doubts you may have during the learning process.You can continue your training and classroom implementation for learners at your institution and complete the training in 18 months.

Improve your skills and confidence

Faculty members who have completed the course(s) as part of FDP have reported significant improvement in their skills and confidence.
Graph showing improved confidence in skills

Clear any classroom doubts through Teaching Assistants

Student TAs, along with industry coaches, can answer any doubts, no matter how silly or complex. Faculty members can confidently ask learners to ask any questions through the digital learning platform.
Aravind Kannan Rathinasabapathi

Aravind Kannan Rathinasabapathi

BE - Sem VII, Computer Science and Engineering

Batch - GDC

Sri Sivasubramaniya Nadar College Of Engineering

Mohammed Rabil

Mohammed Rabil

BE - Sem V, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Batch - GDC

St. Joseph Engineering College

Mohd Saad

Mohd Saad

B.Sc - Sem V, Chemistry hons. (with Physics and Mathematics)

Batch - WD201 - TA Training

Aligarh Muslim University

Naman Gogia

Naman Gogia

B.Tech - Sem VII, Electrical Engineering

Batch - GDC

Delhi Technological University

Pranshu Aggarwal

Pranshu Aggarwal

B.Tech - Sem III, Computer science

Batch - GDC

Vellore Institute Of Technology Chennai

Shivank Kacker

Shivank Kacker

BCA - Sem III,

Batch - GDC

Navrachana University

Shreedhar Chavan

Shreedhar Chavan

B.E - Graduated, Information Technology

Batch - WD201 - TA Training

Pillai College Of Engineering, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra

Tanya Rampal

Tanya Rampal

B.Tech - Sem VII, Electronics and Communications

Batch - WD201 - TA Training


Yaswanth Kumar Bethu

Yaswanth Kumar Bethu

B.Tech - Graduated, Computer Science and Engineering

Batch - WD201 - TA Training

Prasad V. Potluri Siddhartha Institute Of Technology

Access Industry Hiring Network

Faculty Members and Institutions shall have access to a growing industry hiring network for your students to gain internships and job opportunities as they complete the curriculum.
Freshworks | Modern and Easy Customer and Employee Experience SoftwareAsia's First Neobank | Business Banking Platform For SMEs & Startup - OpenBest Dental Software for Business Success | CareStackPupilfirst Private Private LimitedeGov FoundationAgroCast Analytics Pvt LtdAi Health Highway India Pvt LtdChampion Semiconductor LLPDatazoicDelta X Automotive

Transform your classroom from NEP 1986 to NEP 2020 through LITE



Enabling a learner centered model of teaching-learning.


Delivering competency based curriculum for highly paid global tech skills.


Transformation of assessments from summative to formative (continuous)


Identifying gifted school students to gain direct admission to universities


December 01, 2022

-LITE Batch#3 FDP Applications Open and Training Starts

December 12, 2022

-Last Date for Batch#3 FDP Applications (Closed)

December 13, 2022 onwards

-Interested faculty members to apply for FDP and coordinate integration approvals on a continuous basis

December 21, 2022

-AICTE to Announce Selected Institutions and Faculty Members

January 09, 2023

-Last Date for institute to share the signed MoU with Pupilfirst

February 16, 2023

-Last Date for Institutions to complete integration approvals for Batch#3

February 23, 2023

-Start Course Admissions for students at institutions


-Faculty training continues along with course deployment


For queries regarding ATAL FDP

Email Dr Sunil Luthra, Director, ATAL Academy at with cc to

For queries regarding LITE Advanced Web Development programme and Integration

Email Pupilfirst support team for any help that you would require at

OR send a WhatsApp message to our LITE WhatsApp Helpline Number